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Choose from  23 different designs

A Fireback greatly improves the appearance of an Open Fire. However it offers much more than being an attractive feature. The heavy black cast iron fire back absorbs heat from the open fire that would normally be lost through the adjacent wall or up the chimney and re-radiates this heat back into the room. Also bear in mind that a Fireback is almost everlasting which means it is an excellent investment for any home with an open fire.

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We deliver throughout the UK and abroad. all prices include VAT.

Dimensions: "w" is width of the fire back and "h" the height of the fire back.

Our designs range in size from a width of  15 1/2" to a width of 42 1/4", (39.5cm to 108.0cm)

The smaller designs come first with the larger designs shown towards the bottom of the page.


Please click on any of the Fireback pictures below to display a larger image.  

Price including VAT and delivery charge to most of Mainland UK


  K39 Rose & Portcullis Fireback £164.65

Width: 15 1/2" or 39.4cm Height: 21" or 53.3cm

Delivery + £38

The Rose and Portcullis are symbols commonly found in heraldic badges, such as for nobility and the Royal family. These two symbols appeared in the badges of the Tudor starting with Henry VII. The Tudor Rose combined the symbols of the previously warring Houses of York and Lancaster, and the Portcullis was inherited from his mother, Margaret Beaufort.

    K18 Phoenix Fireback £279.55

Width: 18 1/2" or 47cm Height: 22 1/2" or 57.2cm

Delivery + £41

The Phoenix is a creature from Greek mythology. Legend has it the bird dies in a burst of flame and is then reborn from it's ashes. It has come to symbolise renewal or rebirth.

  K9 Tree of Life Fireback £268.95

Width: 19 1/2" or 49.5cm Height: 28 3/4" or 73cm

Delivery + £36


The Tree of Life is a common feature of several belief systems and mythologies across the world.

    K27 Ironfounder Fireback £263.10

Width: 19 1/2" or 49.5cm Height: 20 1/2" or 52.1cm

Delivery + £36

    K36 Two Cherubs Fireback £368.80

Width: 20" or 50.8cm Height: 27 1/2" or 69.9cm

Delivery + £45



K8 Royal Coat of Arms Fireback £256

Width: 21 1/2" or 54.6cm Height: 26 1/2" or 67.3cm

Delivery + £38



    K43F Plain Fleurs de Lys Fireback £192.85

Width: 23" or 58.4cm Height: 17" or 43.2cm

Delivery + £36


    K43L Fireback £234.30

Width: 23 1/4" or 59.1cm Height: 16 1/2" or 41.9cm

Delivery  + £36



K6C  Coat of Arms 1635 Fireback £282.60

Width: 23 1/2" or 59.7cm Height: 20" or 50.8cm

Delivery + £41


The Royal Coat of Arms of Charles I. The letters CR stand for Charles Rex (King).


    K6P Plain Fireback £252.65

Width: 24 1/4" or 62.2cm Height: 20" or 50.8cm

Delivery + £41


    K20 Shield Fireback £271.90

Width: 24" or 61cm Height: 22 1/2" or 57.2cm

Delivery + £42



    K7 Pikemen Fireback £396.20

Width: 24 1/4" or 61.6cm Height: 22" or 55.9cm

Delivery + £45


Pikemen were infantry used regularly in European war from the late Middle Ages until the 18th Century. The Pikes were not for throwing, they were used to enable the infantry to engage their enemy at a distance.



    K37 Rope Twist Fireback £332.70

Width: 26 1/4" or 66.7cm Height: 20" or 50.8cm

Delivery + £46


K5 Large Flowers Fireback £775

Width: 28 3/4" or 73cm Height: 35" or 88.9cm

Delivery + £48




K13L Laughing Lion Fireback £506

Width: 29" or 73.7cm Height: 26" or 66cm

Delivery + £48



K1 The Lion and the Unicorn Fireback £526.10

Width: 29.5" or 74.9cm Height: 26.25" or 66.7cm

Delivery + £51


We also have another version of the Lion and Unicorn :-

K4  - Width: 39" or 99.1cm Ref: Picture No. W

The Lion and the Unicorn have appeared on the Royal Coat of Arms for over 400 years. When James VI of Scotland became James I of England in 1603, he combined the Lion of England with the Unicorn of Scotland.


K13P Plain Fireback £506

Width: 29 3/4" or 75.6cm Height: 26 3/4" or 67.9cm

Delivery + £47


K51 Horse Chestnut Fireback £524.95

Width: 30" or 76.2cm Height: 26" or 66cm

Delivery + £49


    K46 Large Shield Fireback £876.10

Width: 32" or 81.3cm Height: 42" or 106.7cm

Delivery + £57

    K22 Royal Oak Fireback £761.50

Width: 33 1/2" or 85.1cm Height: 28 3/4" or 73cm

Delivery + £58


Our Royal Oak design refers to the Oak tree in which Charles II hid from Parliamentary forces at the end of the English Civil War. After his defeat at the hands of the New Model Army at the Battle of Worcester 1651, Charles hid in the branches of an Oak tree in the grounds of Boscobel House while patrols scoured the countryside for his whereabouts. From there he was smuggled across Southern England and then transported across the Channel to France.


    K47 Fairfax Fireback £555.55

Width: 33 3/4" or 85.7cm Height: 26 3/4" or 67.9cm

Delivery + £52.50


Thomas, 3rd Lord Falifax, was a general in and Parliamentary Commander-in-Chief during the English Civil War. He led the recently formed New Model Army to victory against the forces of Charles I at the Battle of Naseby in 1645. Though he acted as one the Commissioners at the trial of Charles in 1649, he refused to sign the death warrant.


    K41L Medieval Large Fireback £797.40

Width: 34 1/4" or 87cm Height: 31" or 78.7cm

Delivery+ £59


K4 Large Lion & Unicorn Fireback £1105.30

Width: 37" or 94cm Height: 30" or 76.2cm

Delivery + £61


We also have another version of the Lion and Unicorn  Fireback:

K1 Fireback - Width: 29 1/2" or 74.9 cm Ref: Picture No. Q


K22L Royal Oak Large Fireback £1020.90

Width: 42 1/4" or 107.3cm Height: 33" or 83.8cm

Delivery + £55 


Click on pictures for a larger image.



Cross Section of a Reeded Panel. Please click on this
picture for a larger image.




Reeded Panels are made from Cast Iron and used when the interior of a fire place is to be relined.

The sizes of our Reeded Panels available are shown below along with their prices (including VAT) We can also cut to size.
There may also be a delivery charge. Please ring us for a quote on 01749 870250.

Width: 60" or 152.4cm Height: 40" or 101.6cm - £1086.80

Width: 48" or 121.9cm Height: 40" or 101.6cm - £1007

Width: 30" or 76.2cm Height: 36" or 91.4cm - £453.70

Width: 30" or 76.2cm Height: 40" or 101.6cm - £510.40

Width: 18" or 45.7cm Height: 36" or 91.4cm - £268.55

Width: 18" or 45.7cm Height: 40" or 101.6cm - £276.25

Width: 16" or 40.6cm Height: 36" or 91.4cm - £244.20

Width: 16" or 40.6cm Height: 40" or 101.6cm - £255.10

Sizes are approximate - please allow 1/2" or 1.3cm  tolerance.

Deliveries throughout the UK and abroad.

All prices include VAT.