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All prices and delivery charges include VAT.


Arundel Candleholders

Arundel Candleholders

There are three sizes of Arundel Candleholders hand  made in wrought iron. The Largest is the Floor Standing  version 42" or 107cm high.The price is £47.45.
 The Middle size  is 24 1/2" or 62cm high and is suitable for standing on theFloor or Hearth. Price is £39.
The Shortest  candle holder is 15"or 38cm high and is intended for use on the the Table.
The price is £28.95.

 There is a delivery charge based on the
 order value - see below.

Neville Candle holders

Neville Candle Holders

The Neville Candle Holder is 12" (30cm) high (excluding the height of the candle) and features a twisted wrought iron basket..

The price is £24.95 plus a delivery charge which is set out below.

Harlech Candle holder Harlech Candle Holder

The Harlech Candle Holder is hand made in wrought iron and features a twisted stem.

The height, excluding the candle, is 13 1/2".

The price is £25.95 including VAT plus a

 delivery charge - see below.

Glendower Floor Standing Candle Holder Glendower Floor Standing Candle Holder

The Glendower Floor Standing Candleholder is 42"(107cm) high 9excluding the height of the candle.) The wrought iron stem has an attractive twist which runs from top to bottom of the Candle Holder. It is shown here in its optional gold painted finish.

Prices are £43.50 in black and £59.90 with the optional gold paint finish and there is also a delivery charge - see below.

Medieval Chandelier Medieval Chandelier

The Medieval Chandelier features places for 6 candles. There are two sizes:-
Regular: Ring diameter: 20".  Overall diameter is 26".  £105.95

Large: Ring diameter: 26".     Overall diameter is 32".   £145.90

The overall diameter is 26" or 63cm.

There is also a delivery charge based on the value of the order, details of which are set out below.


Wall Mounted Traditional Candle holder

Wall Mounted Traditional Candle 

The overall, height excluding the candle is 10" or 25cm and 7" or 18cm deep.

The price is £ 16.95 plus the delivery charge.



All prices and delivery charges include VAT.


Delivery charge and How to Order:-


If you purchase Candle Holders along with Fire products from The Forge at Wells web site you only pay the delivery charge applicable to the Fireside products ordered. There is no extra charge for any Candleholders you might also buy.


If you buy Candle holders only from this page there is a £10 delivery charge on orders under £50 and a £14 delivery charge on orders of £51 and more.


Please phone us on 01749 870250 if you need any help with your order.