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Log Burner Fire Baskets

FLB Fire Grates Log Burner

FLB Log Burner Fire baskets £274.10
Width: 21 ½" or 54.6cm Depth: 11 ½" or 29.2cm Height: 8 ½" or 21.6cm

Ashpan + £46.75

The width dimension on all our Log Burners includes the small feet which protrude from the sides of the baskets.




Medium FLBM Log Burner Fire Basket (Not illustrated) £331.45
Width: 27"or 68.6cm Depth: 11 1/2"or 29.20cm Height: 8 1/2"or 21.6cm 

Ashpan + £54.60




Large FLBL Log Burner Fire baskets £396

Width: 32" or 81.3cm Depth: 11" or 27.9cm Height: 8" or 20.3cm

Ashpan + £81.20



Shown on the left is the Large Log Burner mounted on a pair of Dogs from our F1 Firebasket (see pic no 21).

All three sizes of Log Burner will sit on these Dogs which cost £92.70 including VAT per pair.



Extra Large Log Burner Fire Basket £666.70

We can make larger Log Burner Fire Baskets to almost any size to special order. The picture shows a large double sided version basket with the same design of sloping sides front and back so it can be viewed from both sides.
It is planned to place this in a fireplace positioned between two rooms in a large house.

Width: 34" or 86.4cm Depth: 22" or 55.9cm Height: 10" or 25.4cm

We recommend 2 ashpans at £54.35 each.



Wider Log Burner Fire Basket £363.20

Width: 19" or 48.3cm Depth: 17" or 43.2cm Height: 8" or 20.3cm

This is an alternative layout to the ever popular Log Burner.